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More than 30 years ago, I ordered a custom full exhaust system for my highly tuned road engine.

I was expecting an inox system, but due to lack of the required tools, it was made out of tubing vulnerable to corrosion.

The High temperature spray paint that I used in 2 previous attempts to have the desired good looks, faded away quite fast, so around 1995, I thought of getting a ceramic coating treatment, by Zircotec, the UK specialized company, but I soon realized it was a non realistic option. The to & fro transportation cost plus the treatment, summed up to more than a new inox custom system…

For the next ~10 years I was periodically checking the Greek market without success. Last month, maybe due to the poor look of my exhaust, I checked again, and yes, there was progress. No further than 3 km away from my garage, K. Sainis (Swt coating & tuning shop), was applying ceramic coatings of the US Cerakote technology.

The arrangement was made and as soon as my faithful friend mechanic Dionyssis was available, he handed me the complete exhaust which was taken directly to SWT for sandblasting and coating.

The inside of the header’s was treated with Insulkote  and the outside with Glacier Titanium, while the rest of the exhaust was done in Glacier Black , so that it almost invisible behind the black exhaust ventilation grills of the car. As final touch, the tailpipe was also done in Titanium.

For me, the result is more than good to the eye, and if we add the engine bay temperature reduction that comes with the treatment, it was definitely worth the trouble & the cost. I hope it stays like this for ages!

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