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Thank God, THE  WIND is still FREE

So we head to Paros, for one more promising season. Stay tuned because coming back I’ll have some Thommen T1 boards reviews for you.

It will be the RS 59


and my son’s eXperience 165

and of course I’ll put in good use, proven classic designs that deserve respect and thankfully, many OLD SCHOOL fans still enjoy instead of turning them into decorative items!



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Thanks to my good friend & ex-F3 national champion G.Magliveras, I acquired this interesting race car.

As soon as Makis Efthimiou revises it thoroughly, we will take it to the track, test it & review it. Till then , here are some fotos:

Χάρη στον καλό μου φίλο και πρωταθλητή Ελλάδας 1997 F3 Γιώργο Μαγκλιβέρα , απόκτησα αυτό το ενδιαφέρον αγωνιστικό αυτοκίνητο σε μιά δύσκολη περίοδο, ελπίζοντας σε καλύτερες μέρες.

Μόλις ο Μάκης Ευθυμίου ολοκληρώσει το σχολαστικό του έλεγχο και τις βασικές ρυθμίσεις, θα το δοκιμάσουμε στην  πίστα και θα το παρουσιάσω εκτενέστερα.

F3  REYNARD 903/TOM’S Toyota  update mid September 2012

Today I met Makis & Giorgos at the F3 workshop to check the progress of the car, which already looks nice & clean with plenty of spares  – Giorgos even ordered for me a new set of Dunlop tyres.

The legal racing stainless steel exhaust silencer has been fitted & we are checking the dates for the next track days. We should mold a seat for me, check/select the right gearing and a new update will appear…

Σήμερα συνάντησα τον Γιώργο & τον Μάκη στον χώρο προετοιμασίας των F3 για να δώ την Reynard. Το μονοθέσιο δείχνει όμορφο και καθαρό και διαθέτει αξιόλογη προίκα ανταλλακτικών – ο Γιώργος ήδη έφερε και 4 καινούρια λάστιχα για μένα. Τοποθετήθηκε το απαραίτητο πλέον σιλανσιέ και τσεκάρουμε ημερομηνίες πότε θα ανοίξει η πίστα. Πρέπει να φτιάξουμε κάθισμα στα μέτρα μου, να ελένξουμε/μοντάρουμε τις σωστές σχέσεις και θ’ακολουθήσει ενημέρωση…

I forgot to tell you that in addition to the large inventory of spares, I also have a fully reconditioned  (by B.V.M. Racing -Italy) 16v Toyota TOM’S engine – never used since. Yes you read it correctly  – ONE engine fitted to the car PLUS a SECOND UNUSED  engine! Here it is…

To avoid confusions,  the new Tom’s Toyota engine is still for sale   for 13,000 euros (2019 price update)

contact me by e-mail: ddsavidis@yahoo.com

F3 TOM'S Toyota engine - spareF3 TOM'S Toyota spare engineF3 Reynard-Tom's Toyota - wiring diagram19.1.2013  THE  CAR  IS  READY!

After an unexpected clutch rebuilt, the Reynard is ready for the track. Weather permitting, this coming Saturday we will take it to the track & Giorgos will help us to set it up properly…

Το μονοθέσιο είναι έτοιμο για δοκιμή μετά από την αντικατάσταση των δίσκων (2) του αμπραγιάζ και καιρού επιτρέποντος, θα το κατεβάσουμε στην πίστα το Σάββατο κι ο Γιώργος θα μας καθοδηγήσει να το στήσουμε σωστά…2013.1.19 - Reynard 903 - G.M., D.S. & Makisphoto: by N.Zalmas

10. 10. 2013 

The formula is for sale.

Although it runs wonderfully, I decided I cannot cope with the technical driving it demands. It should end up with someone who will be able to exploit its full potential…

Price is 14.000 euros, while the spare engine goes separately.

contact me by e-mail: ddsavidis@yahoo.com

The car is now in my home garage, in order to enjoy its presence until we part. I also arrayed the spares which are more than what I thought they were…

Reynard @ Savidis
Reynard 903 - 056 spares 1
Reynard 903 serial No 056
Reynard @ Savidis 2

30. 11. 2013

Reynard 903 056 was sold

to Carsten Andersen (DK)

without the spare fully reconditioned engine

To avoid confusions,  this Tom’s Toyota engine is still (2019) for sale  for 13,000 euros 

contact me by e-mail: ddsavidis@yahoo.com


Reynard packed - destination Denmark


Very early this morning, Carsten & his racing buddy Peter, arrived at my house and after some adventurous and at moments terrifying maneuvers managed to slide the formula in their truck and set off to Denmark, covering more than 5.800 km non stop-over!
My new friends, will race the Reynard taking turns, Carsten in May – Peter in June.
I wished them laurels & champagne and they promised feedback on the competitive re introduction of the car. Stay tuned.

22. 4. 2015

I just got this great news message from Carsten, which is highly the indicative of the upcoming race expectations… Go for it Carsten!
Hi Dimitris

Just tested the F3 for 2 time – and was faster that the track record for historic Formula 🙂

Race will be 2/3-May – I will return 🙂Carsten - Reynard, breaking the historic F3 track record Carsten's Reynard 903 ready for 2015 spring testing

 As the combination of Carsten & the Reynard look more than promising, I will start a new Reynard post of the Carsten’s era. Check it out! 


Carsten searched about the history of the car and send me a photo link of it new & owned by Adrian Fernandez, who became F3 Mexican national champion in 1991 driving it!Adrian Fernandez - Reynard 903

José Adrián Fernández Mier (born April 20, 1965, in Mexico City) is a Mexican retired racing driver and co-owner of the Fernandez Racing, Mexican F3 Championship for 1990 and 1991, winning the title in ’91.


International Formula 3 Championship (Mexico)

– Finished second in the championship

– Claimed four pole positions and two wins in six races


International Formula 3 Championship (Mexico)

– International Formula 3 Champion

– Claimed seven pole positions and four wins


Michael Schumacher on his way to another victory
and the German Championship in his 903.
The 903 at its announcement.
The front suspension of the 903 featuring the cast magnesium bulkhead.

The 903 was the result of some six months work with the Southampton University wind tunnel the purpose of which was to optimize the aerodynamics of the new design. The tub, which was based on that of the 1989 European Championship winning F3000 car, continued to employ the carbon fibre/Kevlar/aluminium honeycomb construction from previous years. The aerodynamic package had a major overhaul most noticeably in the adoption of a stepped underside on the bottom of the tub as on the F3000 car. Other aerodynamic changes included a new floor, diffuser and rear wing assembly. The front suspension was now mounted on a cast magnesium bulkhead using double sheer alloy plates in order to stiffen the whole ensemble. Similarly the rear suspension attached to a much stiffer gearbox/rear suspension module, pushrods continued to be used at both the front and rear.
The 903 was to have a very mixed season, in the UK the Ralt RT34 completely outpaced it. Drivers reported the 903 to be nervous in comparison to the Ralt and within three or four races nearly everyone who had begun the season in the 903 had switched to the Ralt, the 903 could manage no better than fifth all year. It was a similar story in France, although eventual champion Eric Helary took four of the first six races in his 903 he soon found himself outpaced by the RT34s and he was forced to switch to the Ralt. However in Italy Roberto Colciago took the crown in his 903 but this was probably due to the fact that nobody of any consequence entered an RT34 in Italy. Michael Schumacher won in Germany beating the RT34 of Otto Rensing, arguably a triumph of driver over chassis and Niclas Jonsson was the victor in Sweden where all the top runners chose Reynard.

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