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The mood was low.

Most friends would once more gather to windsurf on New Golden Beach, but we knew John Xefteris would not be there, as he was fighting an uneven fight for his life.

As if the wind could sense the absence, most days during our stay throughout July, were with little wind.

I went there with the intention to fine match my small boards with my available fins, so my biggest board was 95L.

I didn’t have enough opportunities to exploit my new equipment – that is the Goya Bolt 95 & the 5.8 Loft Oxygen sail and the last year’s Copello custom board- so hopefully, this will be done the coming season.

The desire of our son Giorgos to join us for a few days, saved me, because I took along his new F2 Vegas Twin 136 and the 7.4 Ka Koyote sail.  I used this combination almost exclusively – instead of laying idle on the beach. I suppose you are aware of my dislike to what F2 has turned into nowadays, but the requirements of Giorgos – plenty of displacement, longer & narrower than the trend, with practical shallow water short fin – led me to the specific board which was acquired  from Easy-Surfshop at a killer price of more than 40% discount.

Having used it daily in NGB, we are happy to confirm it totally fulfilled the specified needs.

It was mostly thanks to those promising kids Paul & Felix, that our mood improved, watching them mastering the sport.

See you soon guys 🙂


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