SAN RAFAEL, CA - FEBRUARY 26: B.B. King performs at Marin Center on February 26, 2014 in San Rafael, California. (Photo by Steve Jennings/WireImage)

SAN RAFAEL, CA – FEBRUARY 26: B.B. King performs at Marin Center on February 26, 2014 in San Rafael, California. (Photo by Steve Jennings/WireImage)

This song, got me to the mood.

Carsten + Reynard on his way to first victory


As my ex-Georgoussis Reynard 903 is now in the right hands of the Danish racing driver Carsten Anderson, I decided to follow his oncoming achievements on a new post, because it is more than obvious, the car will live with Carsten unique days of glory.

Today I got this message from Carsten  about the 3 races meeting of the weekend, which was the first meeting Carsten has entered the agile Reynard:

Although most of the material I have saved, scanned & posted on my blog, covers equipment produced before 2000, there are some very interesting boards, that came up more recently, but were never produced in large numbers like the established brands models, were hardly heard, their budget not allowing much advertisement, while as they were commercially of small scale, the media did not promote them. This does not mean that they were not innovative, attractive & competitive – on the contrary, some of them were so good, that the big companies were scared and even tried to boycott them. In this hostile environment, many fine efforts did not make it. Thankfully there were cases that a small brand not only survived, but it finally flourished and established it’s place, either by winning competitions, or by offering customization according to the desires and the special needs of their clientele.

These boards I will gradually post in this chapter:


This is the brainchild of the Swiss entrepreneur & avid windsurfer Stefan Waelchli. The idea was to built very light, but at the same time very strong boards. This was materialized by substituting the usual core of the boards, with a hi-tech honeycomb. Production was taking place in Tunisia.

Two types of board were introduced in 2008, the SAGITTA I & II.

A prototype was briefly tested by Arnaud Deschamps of Planchemag and the impressions were rather sensational.

My last update on AIRINSIDE was in 2013, when I was informed that the intention was to create a full range of 10 models, ranging from wave boards to formula, based on shapes of the well known Swiss shaper/pro-racer Patrik Diethelm (of the ex-F2 fame).

In the meantime, all of you lucky owners of the first generation AIRINSIDE boards, pumper them as they should already be considered collectible!

Airinside - boards range 2008Airinside - ideaAirinside - Sagitta I - galleryAirinside - Sagitta I - infoAirinside - Sagitta I - measurmentsAirinside - Sagitta I - scoop & rockerAirinside - Sagitta II - galleryAirinside - Sagitta II - infoAirinside - Sagitta II - measurmentsAirinside - Sagitta II - scoop & rockerAirinside 100L @ Planchemag - Arnaud  Deschamps November 2007Airinside

SLALOM  122L – Airinside/Patrik Diethelm

In 2011 a new model was presented, shaped by Patrik, who by then had founded together with Karin Jaggi their own brand PATRIK.

It was produced in Tunisia, with the highest composite standard available, comparable to “F1 racing cars” construction. The first boards were delivered early 2012 to customers who had pre-ordered – basically friends and people who had followed the project from the beginning. Due to the limited production capacity, these boards were not offered to the open market. Another scarce collectible?

I have not found any reviews, just the information of the press release:

 Board details:
Weight (+/-3%): 5.9kg

patrik_airinside - slalom 122L - 2011patrik_airinside - sl 122L  info

I hope in the near future to be able to include more fascinating boards, deriving from the Airinside/Patrik cooperation.


Italian windsurf champion Alberto Menegatti  by PWA Sad news for the windsurfing family, as the promising athlete died in Tenerife most probably due to heart failure.     ITALIAN WINDSURFING CHAMPION 2008 / 2009 / 2010 / 2011 / 2012 12 PWA WORLD TOUR 2012 4th FW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2009 former YOUTH WORLD CHAMPION YOUTH EUROPEAN CHAMPION   If you like to learn more about ALBY, check the relative post of continentseven


C7:What’s your longtime goal in Slalom racing?
Alberto Menegatti: I would like to be World Champion and I am going to try to push hard until I will be. And then I will try to hold on to have the best possible result ever. I am pushing and pushing and finally I will be able to achieve these results. I think I can go on racing for a very long time. I think until 35 or 40. I still have quite a few years ahead of me.

Unfortunately, this is a case of the ancient Greeks saying, coming true:

“The commands of the Gods differ from the wishes of the mortals…”


Windsurfing being full of beautifully tanned and physically fit athletes, always had much more sex appeal than many other sports.

Windsurfers spend most of their time half naked or dressed in body hugging zipped rubber, in a wet environment. Does it need anything more?

Apologies for presenting only female athletes, but after all, this is just a personal blog…

Kelby Anno


Planche mag July 1985:”Nathalie by Christian Petit”

Inge Bouwmeester - Antigua

Frederique Parrat-Eskimo

Olya Raskina 2008

paula daian - windsurf & dolphin


Shawna Cropas 20120416TIP1DM4A_0309

Blanca Manchon -2009  Premio-Andalucía-de-los-Deportes

Eftihia windsurfing 2012 @ Aquatic water sports centerEftychia windsurfing 2012  Paros

Cape Town shoot out - Naish windsurfing ladyChantale Pöttgens - Manuel Netsurfingsport NssManuPatrik rider lady by pat fostervoldthe Moreno twins by Dany Miquel

leysa PerottiLeysa PerottiFanatic Gecko ladies

vivi kourtii

Carrying-Kit by boards.mpora


FlaviaTartaglini by  Alberto NovelliFlaviaTartaglini by Alberto Novelli -Ferrari & RRD

Yoli de Brendt V-26  & Laure Trebou SUI-4 by schoeffel-design

Evi Tsape -GR2-2012Evi Tsape by Annitta BlanchEvi Tsape ,  is the most accomplished Greek lady wave rider in the PWA, having reached 5th Overall both in 2009 & 2011 that she had the time to follow the championship.



Joanna Sterling

Olympics Day 4 - SailingNikola Girke posing

Nikola Girke - CAN 17For Nikola Girke, we have a rare case of an athlete, who has made the transition from one sport to another and to have competed in two different events at the Olympic Games. At the 2004 Athens Olympics , Nikola crewed on the two person 470 sailboat, finishing 13th. In 2005, she switched to RSX windsurfing.  A respectable 17th place finish at the 2008 Olympic Games, inspired her to continue in pursuit of bringing home an Olympic Medal for Canada. Result, an improved performance for the 34 years lady sailor, a 10th place at the 2012 London Olympics plus the same position at the 2012 RSX World Championship. It should not pass unnoticed, while training in the Brazilian waters, she won the Buzios event of the Brazilian Slalom Championship (just for the fun of it), plus the 2nd place of the Buzios leg of the S.American RSX Championship!…With her sights set on Rio 2016, Nikola is up for yet another challenge, switching boats for a 3rd time, teaming up with Luke Ramsay for the new mixed crew catamaran, the Nacra17. With such determination, we look ahead for the medals. Instead of just reading about, watch this short video.


G.Skarlatou 2012

Gelly 2011  with Ale Venticinque- photo by LGelly  @ Aegean Redbull crossing -1st lady - 3rd overall behind Jimmy Diaz and Steve AllenGelly  Skarlatou 2014

Gelly Skarlatou, is a world champion and a long term Greek Olympic windsurfing team member, rightfully one of my favorites. I would like to include a short video. 


Updated now and then…

Patrik XMAS card 2014

Well, as my friend Leo used to say, nothing happens just by chance. The only wishes I got from a windsurfing brand came from PATRIK, and coincides with my decision to start the new year with the acquisition of a Patrik Ride 125 board!

This board will complement my boards range, and looks well suited for my taste for rather long & not very wide designs,  measuring 251 x 67.5 cm

From the above photo, you can have an early view of the new graphics of Patrik boards for 2015. Enjoy.

Joe Cocker's LPsThis is how I got to know Joe Cocker, the greatest British rock/soul singer – from his performance in Woodstock in 1969, recorded in the 3LP album:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRzKUVjHkGk  – With a little help from my friends – 1969

Here is a tribute song of the Scottish group Stone The Crows, written by guitarist Les Harvey & percussionist Colin Allen (unfortunately, Les died a year later – while performing with S the C in Wales, contacting an unearthed microphone he was fatally electrocuted. Lead vocalist is the great Maggie Bell.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eST4nEO4_qk – Mad Dogs & Englishmen – Stone the Crows, “ode to john law” LP – 1971

In 1970, in order to make an American tour Cocker had to quickly form a new band. This was a large group of more than 30 musicians, including pianist and bandleader Leon Russell, three drummers, and backing vocalists Rita Coolidge and Claudia Lennear. Denny Cordell christened the new band “Mad Dogs & Englishmen”, after the homonymous Noël Coward song . 

During the Mad Dogs & Englishmen tour (later described by drummer Jim Keltner as “a big, wild party”), Cocker toured 48 cities, recorded a live album, and received very good reviews from Time and Life . However, the pace of the tour was exhausting, Cocker became depressed and began drinking excessively. Meanwhile, he enjoyed several chart entries in the United States with “Cry Me a River” and “Feelin’ Alright”. His cover of The Box Tops’ hit “The Letter”, which appeared on the live album and film, Mad Dogs & Englishmen, became his first US Top Ten hit. After spending several months in Los Angeles, Cocker returned home to Sheffield where his family became increasingly concerned with his deteriorating health.

Since then, there were many more concerts, more LPs – until 2 days ago.

His voice lives on.


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