Η ιστορία του αντιτορπιλικού “Αδρίας” Α/Τ ΑΔΡΙΑΣ (L67)

απο τον αντιναύαρχο Κωνσταντίνο Σωτηρίου:

Μέρος Α΄: Η πρόσκρουση σε νάρκη και η προσάραξη στα Μικρασιατικά παράλια

Μέρος Β΄: Η διαφυγή προς την Αλεξάνδρεια

The legend of ADRIAS

Through the eyes of the brothers Christos & Mimis Papasifakis (later on admirals), by George V. Krestas

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English info about destroyer ADRIAS


Gone windsurfing 2018

Thank God, the windsurfing season for one more year is underway!

5 boards (a sixth will arrive with Kostas), 7 sails, 4 masts, 3 booms & plenty of fins.


I wish everyone to have great sailings and hopefully I will post about mine upon return – the latest possible…:)

I owe this post to my friend William of  the Atlanda Boardsailing Club.

Although I was aware since 2014 of MB as a fin company, I had not followed their introduction to the windsurf boards. Last week William woke me up.

MB boards – windsurfing 2018

Their boards look weird, adopting the snowboard/shaped ski approach. Much shorter, waisted instead of straight sides and wide on both tips.

My experience leads me to believe, that I will not enjoy a ride on them. Maybe they will perform well in freestyle, wave riding  and foiling as well, but it’s hard to imagine they will deal well going fast through the serious chop of New Golden beach in Paros.

If it wasn’t Hugues de Turckheim acting as a consultant to the company, I wouldn’t have second thoughts…Now I will start following, to see how it proves.

New brand. New shapes. MB Boards from Switzerland attacks the established brands with a parabolic shape concept. Four lines are already on the market, three more are in preparation.

In 2016, we asked “Is the Shape Revolution coming?” And reported on the patented parabolic shapes of Eduardo Cenzano. Now there is a new board brand from Switzerland, which takes up the concept.

Back then, Cenzano was sure that his concept of parabolic shapes would not only benefit surfers. He was convinced that the shapes in windsurfing sail with less sail pressure. Eduardo: “Windsurfing boards have more lift with this shape, they are faster and so they slide faster. Due to the improved buoyancy and the greater stability of the shape, the boards can be used for a larger wind range. ”

Since Cenzano does not produce its own boards, but only sells its knowledge, a group of Swiss around Mathias Bavaud and Benoît Clément licensed the calculations of Cenzano and founded a new board brand that produces windsurf and kite boards. From 2016, the Swiss worked on their project MB Boards. The name is composed of the first letters of the founders.

And when you think you have seen all possible windsurf tail shapes, there comes Peter Ross of OES Australia,

with his winger, single to double tail concave married to a Bat tail shape and double tail channels, on his new Dark Knight board!  

The short, chopped nose & tail, board trend

Now that the chopped nose & tail wave boards are included to the range of many brands – Fanatic Stubby, JP Wave Slate, Naish Global, Taboo 3s & Twister, I think I should point out who I think, was the one who first introduced this kind of board and proved the advantageous characteristics of the concept.

It was the Australian Mark Stone, who shaped an SSD custom board for his great wave rider son Jaeger , back in 2013. See the relative interview & sailing video in Continentseven.


As foldable boards & rigs become serious options thanks to RRD  (I only wish they change this terrible patchwork design they use…), the idea is applied to larger sailing crafts as well. 

Tiwal 3, inflatable/foldable dinghy


Tiwal is the story of a girl who wasn’t shy, Marion Excoffon.

Before making her name in design, Marion started out by hearing a “No”. Her father was refusing to lend her the family boat. That might have been the end of it had it not been for Marion’s feisty character – she dreamt up her own folding boat!

Then she decided to fill it with air, and the first Tiwal inflatable dinghy was born. 5 prototypes later, Tiwal pulled up in December 2012. It was a huge success. Following numerous awards and over 800 boats sold, Tiwal is continuing on its way, with boats in more than 45 country worldwide. Fair winds!



 Tiwal has already been around the world, winning over the public wherever it goes! This fresh breeze has brought awards in the four corners of the globe and its oceans.



Tiwal wins with its concept of easy assembly. At least that’s true on the beach, but there were quite a few steps to get there.

Tiwal is the result of a whole lot of know-how and quite a bit of talent.

Firstly, designing a folding boat that combines inflatable parts and a aluminum framework subject to high stress requires a little (or a lot) of imagination.

Tiwal brings people together on the water, but it does so in the factory too. Tiwal calls on specialists in inflation, plastics, aluminum and textiles. Quite a feat!

Ultimately, over 50 suppliers put their know-how into Tiwal. Like a game of industrial Meccano® which all comes together in our in-house factory for testing, assembly and delivery.

My last – rather technical post – received mediocre viewing, so I’m forced to use lethal weapons to attract your attention…

Here is Janni Honscheid !


Windsurfing evolved from surfing. We all know that.

Most of the first successful board designs derived from surfboards. Good examples are the 1981 Weymouth Speed Trials, where  world champion Jurgen Honscheid smashed the world speed record, on a Tiki 2.32 m gun surfboard that he modified with a mast base & footstraps, and the 1982 Maalaea Dash Speedcrossing, where again Honscheid beats everyone including Naish, using a gun board made for him by D.Brewer (Check out some great vintage videos on the site of Jurgen’s – Northshore Fuertaventura com site).

Modern radical windsurfing boards have extensively copied their surfing cousins in order to become equally playful on the lip, by reducing length and adopting multiple fins.

I recently came across the ingenious Shapeshifter surfboard tail interchangeable system, that allows a surfer to adopt his single board to a very wide spectrum of different surfing conditions & parameters.

Don’t be surprised, if you soon see this system adopted to windsurfing wave boards. Compliments Mr Barr! 


BBS has won a legal battle against Vannetukku, one of Finland’s largest tire and wheel web shops, who sell alloy wheels under the 885 brand, intentionally chosen for its visual similarity to BBS.

In addition, 885 sells wheels under the names “LeMans” and “Classic RS”, which not only look deceptively similar to BBS designs, but are also sold under the guise of having motorsport roots.

On the 27th of January, 2017, a Finnish court ruled that the 885 logo used by Vannetukku was confusingly similar to the BBS logo, an internationally registered (FI-Marke No. 122033) trademark. Recognizing that the infringement of the BBS trademark by the 885 brand was at least negligent, the court prohibited its further use, and ordered Vannetukku to pay compensation to BBS. Although the Finnish court ruling is now final, further proceedings in other countries are still ongoing.

This is just one example of the successful cross-border pursuit and prosecution of brand pirates through the joint efforts of BBS GmbH in Germany and BBS Japan. “We will not let brand pirates profit by riding on the back of our brand equity,” explains Erwin Eigel, Vice President of Aftermarket Sales at BBS GmbH. “To make pirating even more difficult in the future, we will be applying a hard-to-copy authentication hologram to all BBS branded wheels manufactured from 2018 onward.”

So far, several dozen serious copyright violations have been uncovered worldwide and successfully prosecuted in the courts. While these legal proceedings can take several years to reach their conclusion, BBS vows to remain vigilant and relentless in the protection of the brand.  (Source BBS USA)


Unfortunately, visiting relative e-shops, I once more realize, that wining in court does not immediately rectify matters :  Here below are some of the many 885 (BBS copy wheels) on sale, a full year after the vindication of BBS…


More than 30 years ago, I ordered a custom full exhaust system for my highly tuned road engine.

I was expecting an inox system, but due to lack of the required tools, it was made out of tubing vulnerable to corrosion.

The High temperature spray paint that I used in 2 previous attempts to have the desired good looks, faded away quite fast, so around 1995, I thought of getting a ceramic coating treatment, by Zircotec, the UK specialized company, but I soon realized it was a non realistic option. The to & fro transportation cost plus the treatment, summed up to more than a new inox custom system…

For the next ~10 years I was periodically checking the Greek market without success. Last month, maybe due to the poor look of my exhaust, I checked again, and yes, there was progress. No further than 3 km away from my garage, K. Sainis (Swt coating & tuning shop), was applying ceramic coatings of the US Cerakote technology.

The arrangement was made and as soon as my faithful friend mechanic Dionyssis was available, he handed me the complete exhaust which was taken directly to SWT for sandblasting and coating.

The inside of the header’s was treated with Insulkote  and the outside with Glacier Titanium, while the rest of the exhaust was done in Glacier Black , so that it almost invisible behind the black exhaust ventilation grills of the car. As final touch, the tailpipe was also done in Titanium.

For me, the result is more than good to the eye, and if we add the engine bay temperature reduction that comes with the treatment, it was definitely worth the trouble & the cost. I hope it stays like this for ages!