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Today, Monday 4th of May, the first steps back to normal living, include permission for windsurfing.

Unfortunately, this rather short period of hard times for many people, has been traumatic for us as well.

First of all, I lost my since high school best friend and best man.

He was taken to the hospital, not to come out again alive. No one and I mean NOBODY – not his mother, his brother, his wife & children, his friends – were allowed to see him, speak to him, support him, or even say goodbye…

One week earlier, I had been informed that our family country house in Poros island, was set on fire by a bastard, who was arrested a few days later, but this is no real comfort, as the loss includes the total windsurfing magazine archive of my brother, from which come plenty of vintage material I have so far posted, and THE door. This antique wooden door, fully painted with floral motif, dated from the period Greece was still under the 400 years Turkish occupation, was bought by my mother during the ’60’s and was the decorative gem of the house.

During the long homebound quarantine hours, I went through last summer’s photos, and I came up with some I would like to share.

Protective Gear

You see, not windsurfing year-long, leaves my feet tender enough to feel sore after the first week of intensive sailing. The first parts suffering, are my big toes and in an effort to protect, I covered them with pieces of a holed pair of gloves found in my bag. That gave me some good protection, but the relief did not last long, because more areas of my feet were rubbed down. In addition, hastily executed maneuvers led to swollen little toes on both feet. Although I carry a pair of thin shoes for special circumstances, I avoid using them, because they distract from the direct feel of barefoot.

I  did some research, and decided to try a pair of 0.5mm Gull neoprene socks, which worked fine for me, being the next best thing to barefoot.

In case you have any interesting alternative suggestions, please let me know.


Action-wise, New Golden beach offered as usual daily spectacle. Konstantinos Kretsis was determined to do some new tricks, but not paying attention to the cracking complains of his aging board, ended up with a beyond repair damage. Kostas of the  Paros Windsurf Center assisted by Alexandros (who happened to visit us for a few days), did the rescue, while later Dora, dressed -up and on the way to Dimitris & Florentia’s wedding, posed for a shot.


George Iron Sav joined us for a week and spend some fun time sailing his twin-fin freeride board, neglecting the not so strong construction, which will lead us to the next topic, the one about boards modifications. (By right-clicking the slide show images, you may open them up to full size)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Boards Mods

Upon return to Athens, I noticed that in order to extend the life of George’s board, some protection had to be added to the nose, so I ordered a custom carbon protector to be made by Kostas @ Boards&Wheels.

The result is both practical and eye-pleasing.


With the opportunity of my visit to B&W custom shop, I decided to fix the outstanding single rear strap configuration I had asked Marco Copello on the Dragon board he shaped for me, but somehow missed.

So here it is changing from double, to single rear strap.

Finally, I think this summer, the full coverage outfit I put together last year – without having used it as a whole – will help me stay safe either on land or at sea.

Do your best to stay safe as well!

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