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Once again, we gathered in New Golden beach to meet friends, test equipment, sail in joy and even play some guitar.

This year, a welcome and natural arrangement, led to the unification of the Paros Surf Club & the Goya station, under the new managment of Kostas Vgenopoulos  and  Giannis Souloutzidakis, and the name: Paros Windsurf Center.The center was well equiped with RRD new boards & sails, well staffed with Alex, Dimitris, Konstantinos, Stavros, Artemis & Daphne, while a new black R.I.B. boat was constantly on dutty.

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Climatic changes and construction greediness have an adverse effect to our sailing spot. July again was not as windy as usual, while the North and especially the North West wind flow, is partially obstructed by the building blocks on the  hills above.

During the first days of our stay, we were surrounded by the young athletes of the Techno & RSX categories training there under the supervision of their always attentive coach Kostas Moutsatsos. Also training for their upcoming races, were our multimedalists & members of our national Olympic windsurfing team,  Gelly Scarlatou & Alexandros KalpogiannakisGelly was actually training a girl of the Canadian RSX team.

It was a pure joy to watch them through their demanding daily schedule and often misleading for the rest of us, getting us to the water in conditions, that only these lightweight athletes with the big sails were planing 🙂


Thanks to my son’s board, the F2 Vegas Twin 136 (introduced in 2012, shaped by Dani Aeberli – just before moving to the much more promising Fanatic), and my freshly acquired Loft Oxygen 7.8, I sailed again more days than most – foilers & kiters excluded.

For the Vegas, I can verify that in conditions where the 5.8 sail was starting to feel a bit too big and the chop was close to 1m , the twin fin configuration offered me great control at high speed – compliments to the shaper.

During my sailing with the Vegas & the 7.8 sail, while trying to stay in the wake of Konstantinos GR-222 and his powerful slalom combination, my Tekknosport boom gave up to the preshure and broke, thankfully with the back to shore side still holding, so with gentle sailing I returned on my own powers.Thanks to my brother’s inventory, within a few hours, I became the proud owner of a brand new full carbon Prolimit boom. For the record, this is the first time I own a new carbon boom…

On the Loft 7.8 sail, for the protection of the monofilm coming in contact with the Tekknosport boom extension locks, I placed 2 nice Paros Windsurf Center stickers 🙂As I like my equipment to be well looked after, I will complain about the sand seeing trapped under the reinforcement patch of the batten end pockets. The Loft 5.8 had white pockets and the sand is obvious. On the 7.8, the black material used, hides the presence of any sand.


Stepping down in volume, I tried a new 115 custom old school gun, but this will be a separate story later on, as there are still issues I need to sort out… 😦


Going to even less volume, I used the freerace Goya Bolt 95 of last year, this time coupled with an interesting new  Black Project high wind slalom Sabre RT 32.5 fin. That is  much smaller than the original  36 MFC, but I’m 71kgs and for the Loft 5.8 sail it was perfect – early planing, good control & fast enough to get compliments by dedicated slalom guys that were practicing for the Paros July “DOLE” IFCA SLALOM EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS – GRAND PRIX.


The very few seriously windy days, I sailed the 2007 JP freestyle wave 78 Pro edition board I bought two years ago for 150 euros, and which stays in Paros – just in case. The other high wind board I tried again, was the Swell Expression custom, Marco Copello made for me in 2017. Both boards were combined with my old  2009 Simmer Icon 4.7, and a 2008 Naish Force 4.2 that I bought last winter against 90 euros. For the Copello, I used a MUF Ride 30 fin – a perfect match. For my kind of sailing, of course the Copello wins hands down, but still, I need quite some more time on it to exploit it’s potential.


Now, the big attraction of my quiver, was the still hot, high-wind FMX Invictus 94 competition slalom board, maybe the only one that hit Greek waters this July. It was pure luck that I got it from Thomas Bakirtzis (stonero) and I had promised to put it on show. Of course I sailed it, as did my friend Alekos, but none of us being slalom rider, I doubt you are interested  to have our comments… Plenty of slalom racers were coming to our beach and I hoped my friend Philip Adamidis GR-1, would have a chance to test it, but he soon left. Andrea Rosati ITA- 0 was busy changing masts in search of an ideal one. Vasilis Kretsis GR- 6 and Vasilis Marinos GR- 505 did not have the chance. I remind you, all of them were preparing for the 8-13 July slalom Grand Prix.

It was Alkis Vovos GR-108, winner of last year’s Hellenic Slalom, Paros Race, who finally came later, the right day for a shakedown.

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With a Right click, you can open each of the slide show photos, in full resolution. Photo 1 by Zaosan, photos 2,3,4,5,6 by Arnaud

So, you understand Alkis this time became my favorite photo theme, spending long hours going up & down to Golden beach, doing his tricks no matter the kind of his equipment. I should thank him for not taking risks with my FMX.

Below, you can see jumping his RRD slalom board and doing an aerial forward trick with his wave equipment.

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With a Right click, you can open each of the slide show photos, in full resolution. Photos by Zaosan


All kids got much taller and stronger this winter, so it was hard to believe they were the same kids of last year. Stratis was the first to plane on the JP wide board, easily handling the 7+ NCX sail, Felix was sailing from morning till afternoon, while Mihail was jumping challenging brother Stavros & father Spiros.


Ιf the robust figure of Arnaud blasting till dawn (no matter if he rides a windsurf or a foil), is not challenging enough, this season it was daughter Jade speeding past in a charming, pro way!


While sitting on our balcony, I heard the sound of a guitar, and I saw Roger picking a nylon stringed guitar owned by the hotel. That was a revelation about him, since I only knew his windsurfing interest. I grabbed my Russian parlor guitar and joint him, exchanging thoughts & songs from our relatively recent guitar apprenticeship – we both started 3 years ago.

One evening, after the dinner at Acquamarina, Dimitris performed his guitar skills for us, while Evelyn offered us more guitar playing, singing nice American songs.

Unfortunately, as Anna & Apostolis split, we did not have the chance to repeat the Santa Maria sessions 😦

Summer is still here and wind is strong, so I look forward to more memorable moments.

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