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BBS has won a legal battle against Vannetukku, one of Finland’s largest tire and wheel web shops, who sell alloy wheels under the 885 brand, intentionally chosen for its visual similarity to BBS.

In addition, 885 sells wheels under the names “LeMans” and “Classic RS”, which not only look deceptively similar to BBS designs, but are also sold under the guise of having motorsport roots.

On the 27th of January, 2017, a Finnish court ruled that the 885 logo used by Vannetukku was confusingly similar to the BBS logo, an internationally registered (FI-Marke No. 122033) trademark. Recognizing that the infringement of the BBS trademark by the 885 brand was at least negligent, the court prohibited its further use, and ordered Vannetukku to pay compensation to BBS. Although the Finnish court ruling is now final, further proceedings in other countries are still ongoing.

This is just one example of the successful cross-border pursuit and prosecution of brand pirates through the joint efforts of BBS GmbH in Germany and BBS Japan. “We will not let brand pirates profit by riding on the back of our brand equity,” explains Erwin Eigel, Vice President of Aftermarket Sales at BBS GmbH. “To make pirating even more difficult in the future, we will be applying a hard-to-copy authentication hologram to all BBS branded wheels manufactured from 2018 onward.”

So far, several dozen serious copyright violations have been uncovered worldwide and successfully prosecuted in the courts. While these legal proceedings can take several years to reach their conclusion, BBS vows to remain vigilant and relentless in the protection of the brand.  (Source BBS USA)


Unfortunately, visiting relative e-shops, I once more realize, that wining in court does not immediately rectify matters :  Here below are some of the many 885 (BBS copy wheels) on sale, a full year after the vindication of BBS…


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More than 30 years ago, I ordered a custom full exhaust system for my highly tuned road engine.

I was expecting an inox system, but due to lack of the required tools, it was made out of tubing vulnerable to corrosion.

The High temperature spray paint that I used in 2 previous attempts to have the desired good looks, faded away quite fast, so around 1995, I thought of getting a ceramic coating treatment, by Zircotec, the UK specialized company, but I soon realized it was a non realistic option. The to & fro transportation cost plus the treatment, summed up to more than a new inox custom system…

For the next ~10 years I was periodically checking the Greek market without success. Last month, maybe due to the poor look of my exhaust, I checked again, and yes, there was progress. No further than 3 km away from my garage, K. Sainis (Swt coating & tuning shop), was applying ceramic coatings of the US Cerakote technology.

The arrangement was made and as soon as my faithful friend mechanic Dionyssis was available, he handed me the complete exhaust which was taken directly to SWT for sandblasting and coating.

The inside of the header’s was treated with Insulkote  and the outside with Glacier Titanium, while the rest of the exhaust was done in Glacier Black , so that it almost invisible behind the black exhaust ventilation grills of the car. As final touch, the tailpipe was also done in Titanium.

For me, the result is more than good to the eye, and if we add the engine bay temperature reduction that comes with the treatment, it was definitely worth the trouble & the cost. I hope it stays like this for ages!

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As my friend Danilo says, the easiest way to boost a car’s appearance is to change the wheels.

Our S3 was fitted with the original 6 wide & flat spokes Audi/Ronal Avus alloys (7.5 x 17  ET32), very original look, but not sporty enough for my taste.

The previous owner had lowered the suspension 2cm at the front & 1.5cm at the rear using Eibach springs and also fitted spacers all around to fill the fender gap. I don’t like spacers, unless absolutely needed and I prefer to widen the track using wheels of appropriate specifications.
After an extensive search I decided to go for the american XXR wheels type 530 in chrome black finish (8.25 x 17 ET25), that would match the dark silhouette of the car and need less care to look clean.
The reason I chose them, apart from the attractive cross-spoke design, was the fact that this reputable company produces wheels of 1/4″ width increments, allowing a very precise sizing to suit your needs. In our case, instead of  having to choose only between 8 and 8.5 inches, I had the great option of 8.25″, which in combination of some less negative offset, extend the outboard wheels reach by 17mm.
Having been an importer of wheels for many years, I did not buy them on the internet directly, but ordered them from a Greek importing company autopartsnow, based in the city of Thessaloniki and I was very pleased to find out that my order was handled efficiently.

The result met my expectations and I share some photos.:)

 All photos have been created for Hitthewave blog  and are copyrighted.

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Last weekend, I was walking along the port of Poros, when an unusual portable road sign caught my eye.

The temporary sign forbidding cars from going down to the port during restricted hours, was using as a base a BBS – Bugatti wheel. What a sad retirement for a glamorously branded , once object of desire…BBS - Bugatti abuseBBS - Bugatti abuse mourningbbs bugatti brochure 1992  p2-3bbs bugatti brochure 1992 - p 4,5

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The contribution this time, comes from my friend Paul Hourdakis, crowned racer of that era, who was also distributing these items through his company HourSpeed.

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Whenever we feel the desire for a short trip abroad, Italy is the first destination that comes to our minds.

People are charming, the country is flooded with antiquities and attractive places that take you back in history, while at the same time it is the birthplace of high automotive technology and unsurpassed design in general.

Considering these, we decided to spend Easter in Trieste.

We have never been in Trieste before, but having heard a lot, we were curious to find out more. Trieste was the fourth largest city of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (after Vienna, Budapest, and Prague and was a seaside Vienna and a fluid borderland where Italian, Slavic, Jewish, Germanic and Greek culture intermingled, it emerged as an important hub for commerce and arts, while the flourishing Greek community greatly contributed to the glamour of the city. The seafront view and the famous picturesque Piazza dell’Unita, would definitely look poorer if the fabulous palazzo Carciotti & the palazzo Stratti were not erected by these wealthy men of Greek origin. Piazza della Unita - Triestepalazzo CarciottiTrieste became part of the Italian nation just in 1954, having undergone severe population exterminations starting from the rise of fascism, until well after the Second World, as it was an important area of the struggle between the Eastern and Western blocs.

Through my blog, I come in contact with quite a few people, but this was the first time I arranged a meeting  in person.

It was as if Danilo & his wife Doris were friends of ours since many years. The fact that we share common interests, raised the barriers of speaking different languages, and allowed us to enjoy their great hospitality, Danilo’s insatiable mechanical/ electronics projects focused on their 2 well pampered X1/9s, Doris tasty cooking and a wonderful visit to the nearby historic site of the Roman Aquileia, after stopping at the Miramare castle.Miramare castello - TriesteMirabello - our companyAquileia cathedral

Danilo, wishing to prepare his ideal X1/9 versions, goes to extreme modifications, assembling engines and gearboxes, chosing the best possible components the Gruppo has to offer (and in many cases rectifying inherent design weaknesses)- in this last project I saw, the internals of Fiat Tipo/Tempra, doing also of course all proper weight reduction & balancing and upgrading like, wilder camshafts, extra carburation and free flow exhaust systems, topping these with plenty of accurate electronic modifications, like fuel measuring and programmable CDI ignition-all of his own design and construction (after all electronics is his major field)!

In a very modest way, Danilo tried to underrate his work, so he wrote to me:

My tuned engine does not have anything particularly innovative: many manuals contain much higher levels of preparation.

My CDI + static programmable advance, is a project of mine that dates back some 30 years ago: at present it is not very interesting …

Perhaps, noteworthy, may be the Tipo/Tempra gears transfer into the X1/9: but those who are not familiar with these
gearboxes, cannot appreciate the usefulness of such a change.

I, having followed  his laborious and deeply knowledgable projects, I will include some photos, while I’m sure Danilo will not turn down technical requests any of you may have concerning projects similar to his… Impossible to present everything I have seen, but you have to understand that even the absence of a spare part cannot stop our man from achieving his goal!

Side windows rebuilt

Corrosion worn-out glass supportsrebuilt X19 glass system ready to fit again

Digital dashboard display & electronically measured data upgradeDig_Instr & LightingMod_tach_elettr_digitRinvii & Trasmett_cambio_2rev-counter digitalizationDanilo & Doris X_1_9_1500Tempra 1.6 engine transplantcamshaft housing & upper engine support modification to fit Tempra engine 1.6home-made programmable electronic ignitionMod_motore_73

Gearbox upgrade with Tempra parts (too many modifications to list & show!)Mod_cambio_45Mod_cambio_6Mod_cambio_41_b

The beginning of an ongoing story of love X1_9_USA_74_1.3

We were lucky the weather was fine during our visit, because the BORA freezing stormy wind of the place is no joke.bora

Not forgetting my sailing interest, I learned that Trieste hosts every October the famous Barcolana sailing gathering & regatta.Barcolana race

And of course, windsurfing is great in Trieste as you can see from this photo just in front of the Greek church!

windsurfing in front Greek church

As you understand, we look forward to our next visit to D & D’s Trieste.departing Trieste 2015

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As you may have read in the BBS History post, in the early ‘90’s, BBS had expanded it’s accessory range, so in addition to the wheels, aerodynamics, seats, steering wheels & suspension kits were offered.

For the production of their steering wheels, they wisely relied to the expertise of NARDI

Enrico Nardi was an engineer and a man with taste & practical sense. He applied his incredible talent to anything connected to automobiles, first recognized by the founder of LANCIA and soon by Ferrari as well.

  • In 1937 Enrico Nardi moved to Modena to become the first Ferrari‘s test driver and then a business consultant.
  • In 1946 he founded together with Renato Danese (roman racing car driver) a Company named “ND“.
  • From 1958 on, most  Ferrari cars were equipped with Nardi steering wheels.

Two years after Enrico Nardi’s death, Nardi trademark was bought by Personal and, in 1990, Nardi Italia S.p.A. was founded, a completely autonomous company, located in Varese. It was that year they started cooperating with BBS, to the extend, even a Nardi range of wheels was produced by BBS

This post was created in favor of Pieter of the E30forum.nl. 

Although I have not yet found the steering wheels of the Design Line, I present here the more expensive main line.BBS steering wheels brochure 1990 – click title to view the brochure

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Porsche USA add 1987-8 (INDY CAR) ppt – takes a while to load


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Just got back from a voyage to Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil and I have to say that consumers there ask for models with extensively unpainted protective bodywork,exactly as I see cars that have to cope both with the hostile city environment and the punishing excursions.

Μόλις επέστρεψα απο ένα ταξίδι στη Λατινική Αμερική και ομολογώ ζήλεψα τα ειδικά γιά τα μέρη τους μοντέλα αυτοκινήτων με τις μεγάλες προστατευτικές άβαφες επιφάνειες, έτσι ακριβώς όπως θεωρώ πως πρέπει να είναι τ’αμάξια για να μπορούν άφοβα να αντιμετωπίζουν το εχθρικό περιβάλλον της πόλης αλλά και τις εκδρομικές καταπονήσεις .

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