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Thommen T1 eXperience 125 deck designThommen T1 eXperience 125 bottom design

Well, Mark Thoms, Peter Thommen’s partner & director of the T1 headquarters in Nederlands, informed me last April that the eXperience 125, the little brother of the very interesting eXperience 165 I reviewed last summer, was ready for launching and provided all the information:

The eXperience 125 features a quad-concave bottom for a super smooth ride and effortless transition from gliding to planning in light winds.

The winger pintail provides surprising maneuverability and control when the wind gets stronger. Characteristics usually associated with much smaller, more challenging and more technically demanding boards.

Model              Length         Width         Volume            Fin             Sail range   

eXp125         2.75m          68cm          125 liters        32cm PB      all sizes

Bottom shape: Tri-Concave in the bow section – to Quad-Concave through the main body – to T1’s patented Panel-Vee for optimal tail release.

Rail shape: Slim, yet full nose to mid-board, tapered towards the tail.

Deck shape: Domed for ultimate comfort and control.

Construction Technology: Carbon Sandwich – the carbon on the new boards is replacing the bamboo

T1 as a brand is going  << back to the future >>
Shape wise, T1 continues to walk new paths, going RETRO style all the way!

The successful concept of the eXperience165 has proven that there’s an alternative to the short/wide path all other brands are walking, our relatively tall/narrow shape takes us back to days where getting onto the plane was effortless. Where control was something you needed not think about. Basically the good stuff from back then combined with today’s knowledge multiplied by Peter Thommen ’s experience resulted in a smaller eXperience of 125 liter , a revolutionary 4WD of 106 liter (107 as it appears @ T1 site finally) and a 115 liter bullet, the GUN.”

From Mark’s messages, I understand the new RETRO-line Thommen boards, no longer carry the automatic  pressure relief valves, while their construction has replaced bamboo with carbon. These changes will ensure peace of mind to the owners, but for my taste the wooden finish boards were irresistible. The fins are supplied by Maui Ultra Fins – a dependable & well established company, while the sales policy is to sell the boards directly to the users at very attractive  retail prices – €1299.

Yesterday Mark send me a first sailing report of the board and his comments are exactly what I was expecting: “One man-one board”

Now I look forward to have a try myself and maybe take some nice photos…

First report – June 3, 2013


There you go! I’m about to go sail it once more tonight. This board is addictive!

Sailed it Saturday evening powered up with 5.7 in heavy chop to serious waves and had no urge for smaller board. This does it all! More later.

T1 eXperience 125T1 4wdT1 gunThommen T1 logo

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