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In recent times, I come across often to a supposedly advanced freestyle move, which it is familiar to us since ages. Even myself with my average level, I used to practice it, because I could not perform anything seriously radical.vintage-longboard-vertical-take-offf2-axxis270-1995-ds-vertical-in-ngbeachvertical-take-off2015-starboard-flare-presentationConsidering that the equipment is steadily becoming more practical for such moves, allowing more pop, it is hard to understand why it is being promoted so much.  For me, it is nothing but an impressive way to stop…

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Carampa, the renown contemporary circus school of Madrid, chose the historic PRICE circus theater to present it’s CRECE show, having chosen young artists from all over the world. Greece was represented by our daughter Nina and it was with great pleasure that we attended this modern circus event and enjoyed the company of such talented world artists.

Unfortunately, I was using a non familiar camera, so the photos are not as good as the artist, while I do not have pictures from all of them. Apologies, but I think even these samples are better than nothing…crece-street-adsambidextro-revista-dela-escuelade-circo-carampa-madridcrece-the-party-must-go-on-show-presentationcelinecharlotteandreanina-1-bwnina-3-bwnina-4-jesus-bwp1050718-rtriowisefoolscrece-end-of-show

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As my friend Danilo says, the easiest way to boost a car’s appearance is to change the wheels.

Our S3 was fitted with the original 6 wide & flat spokes Audi/Ronal Avus alloys (7.5 x 17  ET32), very original look, but not sporty enough for my taste.

The previous owner had lowered the suspension 2cm at the front & 1.5cm at the rear using Eibach springs and also fitted spacers all around to fill the fender gap. I don’t like spacers, unless absolutely needed and I prefer to widen the track using wheels of appropriate specifications.
After an extensive search I decided to go for the american XXR wheels type 530 in chrome black finish (8.25 x 17 ET25), that would match the dark silhouette of the car and need less care to look clean.
The reason I chose them, apart from the attractive cross-spoke design, was the fact that this reputable company produces wheels of 1/4″ width increments, allowing a very precise sizing to suit your needs. In our case, instead of  having to choose only between 8 and 8.5 inches, I had the great option of 8.25″, which in combination of some less negative offset, extend the outboard wheels reach by 17mm.
Having been an importer of wheels for many years, I did not buy them on the internet directly, but ordered them from a Greek importing company autopartsnow, based in the city of Thessaloniki and I was very pleased to find out that my order was handled efficiently.

The result met my expectations and I share some photos.:)

 All photos have been created for Hitthewave blog  and are copyrighted.

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