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Today I received this sad message, which actually drops the curtain to the incredible story of racer & mechanic Al Cosentino , who started racing Fiats during the mid ’60’s and founded FAZA, the best competition & sports parts company outside Italy and who promoted the Italian cars all the way to the 21st century, in such a way that there should be a recognition inscription at the entrance of the Fiat factory.

From: Collette Brady

To Dimitris Savidis

At this time, I must sadly announce that on Friday, November 2nd, 2012 at 9:15 PM, Alfred passed away and is now with the Lord.

As you know, Alfred was a supreme competitor, a fighter, he took on the “Giant’s” in his businesses without fear.  He also took on his illness in the same way for more than 5 years.  Alfred seemed to be content in his situation, never a complaint, often smiling up to his last breath.

I wish personally thank you for your concerns, your long time friendship and interests in many of the things that Alfred was also interested in.  He will be missed, I hope all of your fond memories of Alfred will remain in your heart, as it will be in mine.

Thank you for your kindness and consideration, at this time we have not scheduled a public Service, after a while when we finally deal with our loss,  we may consider one, in the future, I hope to advise you further.


Fumiko Cosentino

Collette Brady


Sharing the grief of his family and the people who loved him, I can only consider myself lucky that our ways were crossed at a point.

His advertisements in Road & Track  and his publications haunted my dreams in the late ’70s and helped me source the right tuning pieces for my X 1/9 – even directly from the small Italian houses.


2016 Update

I came across this FAZA- Al Cosentino story, plenty of documenting links and definitely worth reading.

It was written by BLAKE Z. RONG on Road & Track

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