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20 years ago, F2, a leader company in the windsurfing scene, was offering 15 different boards.

No beginner’s platforms, no freestyle boards, no formulas and no children’s special equipment.F2 brochure 1993 (1)

10 years ago, Starboard was offering 42 boards, including formulas & freestyle models, while ladies, youth & beginners were taken special care.

Today (2013), although there are less companies active in the field – (famous brands like TIGA, Hi-Fly, DROPS are no longer active), the variety of boards on offer is greater than ever with many new types of boards, like multifin wave boards, wind-SUPS & racing longboards.

Even counting the boards which may vary not only in type & size, but also in construction or just in color, is a hard task.

Exocet offers 66 boards

RRD offers 76

Starboard an unbelievable 154 – totally opposite to Thommen’s idea  ONE MAN/ONE BOARD…RRD  2013 boards rangeRRD  2013 boards range B

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