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FMX Racing

Finian Maynard decided to go his way of excellence and kicked-off his new brand FMX Racing

We are lucky enough, to hopefully try one of his promising boards in Paros this summer, thanks to the alertness of Thomas@stonero 🙂


Future Fly

Arnon Dagan started his own brand of boards called Future Fly boards. Aurelio Verdi is the shaper.

Understandably they first introduced slalom & foil boards.Taty Frans is already onboard FF


The company revives the past with the recreated Windsurfer, while at the same time, heads to the future with an extensive range of foils, for all disciplines & levels, not forgetting their environmental duties.

Everything you need to know about the Windsurfer Class

Gun Sails: BOW 2019 innovative sail


With the BOW sail the GUNSAILS R & D team presents a completely new concept in sail design. The sail is always balanced in the hand from low to high wind and converts every gust of wind into propulsion. And that with only one trim setting. 4 cambers create a strong profile and plenty of performance. By making more efficient use of the sail area, the bow shines with excellent planing, very good acceleration and an intoxicating top speed. Thanks to the adaptive profile, the sail remains effortlessly controllable. For freeracers and slalom pilots, the Bow is the new alternative to the conventional Loose Leech sail.

4-Cam Concept Sail for Freeracers, Slalom Drivers and Foilers
BOW FLEX Mast is Duty
No Loose Leech, the Bow Uses More Area
Special Mast Collar That Allows the Mast to Rotate 3D Mast Bag Shape
and Cross Batten Concept
Neoprene Cover at the Fork Slot for Better Aerodynamic
Tack Strap to regulate the underlayment tension

Goya Course Racer

Regatta Pro Raceboard
Course Race Single

The Regatta Pro is a modern Raceboard concept. An innovative shape, capable of combining effective and comfortable navigation on the rail, with real glide sensations and planing on the fin. A compact Raceboard for those who desire the feeling of support by the daggerboard, not unlike a classic “Open Class” (below 10 knots), and at the same time keeping the character and the speed of planing boards (above 11 knots on the fin).

The Regatta Pro is the result of research and development in collaboration with the French Sailing Federation, with the aim of reviving global scale tactical and entertaining contests in light wind, as well as dynamic and powerful racing in forceful wind. A truly innovative concept that meets all expectations of the Federal Fleet structures, which, at the initiative of the FFV, seek to offer youngsters the support and equipment needed to revive a discipline capable of being competitive and appealing to riders of different size and weight from 3 to 30 knots.

Available in 260 liters.

Available in Pro construction.

Comes with a 62 cm race fin and a daggerboard.

Comes with 6 footstraps.


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