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Almost 8 years have passed since my first post on long haired GSDs, but today that we put to sleep ZAO, I feel the need for an update. After all he was the last living dog of our Wolf & Lara breeding.

Wolf (Samson Von Schlob Bladenhost) died in his sleep end of March 2012, aged almost 11.5 y. He will be remembered, as the best tempered dog we ever had: Playful & open hearted – the joy of children, fearless and committed whenever circumstances demanded, with NO false alarms.

Lara, was more long lived and was put to sleep mid March 2014, aged almost 15 y. She was very dominant in the herd activities and if she had not been scared when puppy by the bombings in Yugoslavia, she would have reached the same high level of protective duties of Wolf.

Zao was diagnosed incurably ill 2 months ago and although I tried hard at home and improved other parameters oh his health, finally I had to help him pass away, since he was no longer able to eat.  As my dog-loving friends Andreas & Maria pointed out, this is a luxury of which humans are still deprived…

Zao until his middle age, not self confident like his father, was terrorizing everyone. His protection drive, was depended on my handling support – nothing to do with his parents, but I think he was the greatest looking long haired German shepherd we had in the family, strongly attached to me.

While still having 3 GSDs, I decided to  give a chance to a stray dog by adopting it. Going through relative posts, I spotted a mid sized black young female, recovering from a leg injury. Upon visiting the place where ~20 dogs were kept, and meeting the candidate, I confirmed  my intention and Hera – renamed Tsila by our son George – joined us and through this adoption I became friend with the gentle volunteer ladies, Nora, Athina & of course Olga Avrilia and her rescue & support organization.

The early story of  TSILA is unbelievable: Two ladies of the strays organization saw a mentally disturbed woman carrying a knife and a wounded puppy she had already stabbed in order to disable it from escaping, as she was planning to cook it. With the assistance of the police, the puppy was confiscated and handed to the volunteers. who drove it to the kind vet who tried very hard to save the badly broken leg by placing 2 metal supports, still not sure the leg would be saved. Thank God  it healed well, the puppy was adopted by us and grew to an unbelievably balanced dog, resembling to a downsized black Malinois, not afraid of people – actually not afraid of anything, and still very gentle. After so many years, it was the first dog allowed to lay on our bed until I go to sleep. Maybe because of our human guilt, maybe thanks to her more compact size (25-26kg).

When Wolf was no longer around, came Eira, a white variety of long haired GSD, that the clever Swiss have registered as “White Swiss Shepherd” breed! In our case, it came out as the most sensitive and affectionate one, that I’m afraid will have difficulty to overcome Zao’s absence. Time will show.

Year after year & day after day – no matter of names, the companionship of dogs proves a blessing, by our side till the end.

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Τώρα το διάβασα, τώρα θύμωσα…

Δημοσιεύθηκε από faethoussa στο Οκτωβρίου 29, 2008 έγραψε: Η ΒΑΛΙΑ είναι μία υπέροχη σκυλίτσα προστατευόμενη του Συλλόγου Ζωοφίλων του Δήμου Αγίας Παρασκευής. Της άρεσε να τρέχει και να υποδέχεται τον κόσμο, να δίνει το χέρι της σε όποιον της έδειχνε αγάπη και στοργή. Τη Κυριακή το απόγευμα, κατά τη διάρκεια ποδοσφαιρικού αγώνα στο τοπικό γήπεδο, ένθερμοι ‘πολιτισμένοι’ φίλαθλοι, πέταξαν κροτίδα πάνω στο άτυχο ζώο, που ανυποψίαστο, ακολούθησε το φασαριόζικο πλήθος, χαρούμενο και κοινωνικό, όπως πάντα. Η τρυφερή και χαδιάρα Βάλια, δε θα μπορέσει ποτέ πιά να τρέξει και να δώσει το χέρι της. Δε θα μπορέσει ποτέ πιά να ξαναδεί το φως του ήλιου. Η κροτίδα διαμέλισε τα μπροστινά της πόδια, και τύφλωσε το άμοιρο ζώο, καθώς έσκασε ακριβώς μπροστά του. Το κτήνος, που κατέστρεψε τη γλυκειά Βάλια, θα κοιμήθηκε ήσυχος, περήφανος γιά τη μαγκιά του, ενώ η Βάλια αφού έφυγε πανικόβλητη και ουρλιάζοντας από τους φρικτούς πόνους, σύρθηκε μέχρι τη φωλιά της, όπου βρέθηκε την επόμενη μέρα. Τώρα κοίτεται στο κλουβί του κτηνιατρείου, περιμένοντας τον ακροτηριασμό της, βυθισμένη στο απόλυτο σκοτάδι. Η γλυκειά Βάλια περίμενε μήνες με καρτερικότητα την οικογένεια που θα την υιοθετούσε. Δεν ήταν όμως εύκολο, καθώς δεν ήταν ‘καθαρόαιμη’ και έτσι δε πληρούσε τις προδιαγραφές που οι ‘φιλόζωοι’ Ελληνες θέτουν ως κριτήριο, γιά το σκυλί που θα πάρουν. Βλέπετε στην Ελλάδα έχουν πέραση μόνο οι καθαρόαιμες ράτσες, γιά να μπορούν οι βλάχοι να επαίρονται γιά το ζώο τους, σα να είναι μάρκα αυτοκινήτου! Λυπάμαι γι΄ αυτό που θα πω, αλλά είμαστε ένας λαός χωρίς παιδεία, χωρίς ήθος, χωρίς πολιτισμό. Είμαστε ο λαός που έχει εφεύρει τις φόλες, τα Βατοπέδια, τη διαφθορά, την ατιμωρησία και την επιλεκτική εφαρμογή των νόμων. Κανείς δε τιμωρείται. Ολα κουκουλώνονται. Οπως δε θα τιμωρηθεί και το κτήνος που κατέστρεψε τη Βάλια, τη σκυλίτσα. Μα τι κάθομαι και λέω. Σκυλί ήτανε. Ενα αδέσποτο λιγότερο! ΑΙΣΧΟΣ!!!!!!

Δεν το μεταφράζω γιατί ήδη η ζωοφιλική μας εικόνα είναι της ντροπής.

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My relationship with these marvellous dogs, dates back to 1980. A friend of us Marios told us that a friend of his had just separated with his girlfriend and had to give away a nice GS puppy. We went to this house and it was impossible to leave without this fluffy puppy. We named him ALF. He grew up to one of the most beautiful, relatively blond GSDs I’ve ever seen, being at the same time kind, brave and extremely clean.

Η σχέση μου με αυτά τα υπέροχα σκυλιά χρονολογείται απο το 1980. Ο φίλος μας ο Μάριος μας είπε πως ένας φίλος του είχε μόλις χωρίσει με την κοπέλα του και ήθελε να δώσει ένα όμορφο κουτάβι λυκόσκυλο – προφανώς το είχε αγοράσει για την πρώην. Πήγαμε να το δούμε και ήταν αδύνατον να φύγουμε χωρίς να πάρουμε μαζί μας αυτό το φουντωτό κουτάβι. Το ονομάσαμε ΑΛΦ. Μεγαλώνοντας, έγεινε ο πιό όμορφος , αρκετά ξανθός Γερμανικός ποιμενικός παλαιού τύπου που έχω δεί, όντας ταυτόχρονα καλός, θαρραλέος και ιδιαίτερα καθαρός.

ALF the great blond.1981

In 1984, our friend Dimitris D. was forced to stay for long periods in the USA, so we proposed him to bring his beauty TOSCA (Bella). We couldn’t have hoped for a better bride for Alf, and in the picture below you cas see her pregnant just a month before giving birth to a litter of 9. Unfortunately Alf was no longer alive due to Kala-azar and to the the totaly unsupportive behaviour of a vet.

Το 1984, ο φίλος μας Δημήτρης Δ. χρειάστηκε να πάει γιά μεγάλο διάστημα στις ΗΠΑ γιά δουλιές κι έτσι του προτείναμε να μας εμπιστευτεί την όμορφή του ΤΟΣΚΑ (Μπέλλα). Δε θα μπορούσαμε να φανταστούμε ιδανικότερη σύντροφο γιά τον Αλφ και στην φωτο απο κάτω τη βλέπετε έγκυο, ένα μήνα πρίν γεννήσει 9 κουτάβια. Δυστυχώς ο Αλφ δεν ζούσε πιά εξαιτίας του Καλα-αζάρ και της ανεκδιήγητης συμπεριφοράς του κτηνιάτρου .Tosca,November 1984,Pilio

As Dimitris would claim back his Bella upon his return, we decided to keep the male puppy you see below, baby ARGOS.

Μιά κιο Δημήτρης επιστρέφοντας θα μας έπαιρνε την Τόσκα, αποφασίσαμε να κρατήσουμε το κουτάβι που βλέπετε από κάτω και που ονομάσαμε ΑΡΓΟ.baby ARGOS, January1985

Long haired  German shepherds part 2 –  ARGOS, SAN, LARA, WOLF & ZAO

Argos lived with us for 10 years, being always a protector member of our family (no photo could be considered a “family photo” if Argos was not present).

At the age of 4 years , his duties were extended to the baby sitting of our newborn twins, which actually grew up with a GSD nanny.

When he died unexpectedly from a heart attack, we started looking in vain for off springs of his brothers & sisters. Realizing it was impossible to have a dog of the same family, we asked for long haired GSDs from Greek breeders, who although we knew they often had such puppies, they all replied negatively as such an admittance would possibly degrade them according to the FCI standard. We then asked George Apostolakos who was importing show GSDs to find a male puppy for us and started waiting. Time was passing without news, so one day, passing from George’s premises, we saw a club of Chow-Chow puppies. We had never seen before puppies of this breed and we were fascinated by those mini bears. We left with jet black male we named Anouar, who soon proved to be a good companion. 8 months later, Apostolakos informed us the expected puppy had arrived from the Czech Republic. Without much thought, we acquired San, who became the longest haired GSD we have ever had till even today.

Anouar the chow was short lived, because one year later busted having eaten 2 chickens and the rooster of our farm.

One year later we decided to get a female puppy to couple San. The candidate came from Yugoslavia accompanied by a female dachshund puppy for our friends George & Ada and their 3 daughters, who named her Bonnie.

                                             Fotis Zindros

We called our new dog Lara, but she was not meant to breed with San. Unfortunately San was diagnosed with leukemia and died 3 months later. This time I researched and came up with some German breeders of the OLD GSD dogs. The bich that attracted my interest was She-Ra of Schlob Bladenhorst and I managed to reserve a male puppy from her final (due to age) breeding. I picked myself the dog from Anke Wundrock the lady breeder, and although the puppy was too small I decided to go ahead as this was the only chance to have a She-Ra outspring.

We called him Samson (male, strong & longhaired), but after a while our kids changed it to Wolf. He has a playful & restless character, and although he did not grow to the desired large size, he is an excellent guard. When he barks, there is definitely a reason …

Wolf breeded with Lara and we soon had a flock of GSD puppies, 3 males & 4 females.

LUPO was adopted by Thanos & Tania

PLUTO  “       “        “  Dieter & Kallia

JULIA    “       “        “  Costas & Vera

HERA    “        “       “  Michalis

BRODIE “       “       “  Andonis

GRACE  “       “        “ Gerasimos

ZAO   became our 3rd dog, together with Wolf & Lara.


Long haired GSDs  part II  postclick to read

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