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DS on F2 Ride 277 - copyright DWell, I sailed my vintage equipment without any photos documentation (the photo above was taken 2 years ago by my friend S.Theodoropoulos), but one thing I can assure you about, is that I enjoyed every minute,  and I was very happy to realize that I’m not the only one playing around with depreciated material that often put to shame boards that just rolled out of the production line!

I cannot find a better example than our Italian friend Paolo, sailing fast for many hours., while no other boards could be seen planing.  Only kitesurfs could sail under these conditions, but Paolo was travelling at speed from New Golden beach – up to Messada & down to Dryonissi and back.Trevisiol XL Red - Paolo & kites onlyHis board for those not-so-strong-wind-days, is a red Ezio Trevisiol custom board , built in the late ’90s, close to 160 liters, 298 x 71cm, of honeycomb/carbon construction.Trevisiol XL Red - 2.98 x71 ~160lTrevisiol XL Red -   14 cm highI promised next year I will bring along the T1 eXperience 165, in order to sail together, as we did in the past when we were testing the T1 for the first time.

For more wind, Paolo rides a smaller freeride white Trevisiol, 278 x 54 cm/~110 liters – pity Ezio no longer makes windsurfing boards…Paolo on Trevisiol 2,78x54 ~110 l

And there were some more proud owners appreciating vintage charms, like Haris and his 1994 F2 XenonHaris & his F2 Xenon New Golden beach

The guy with the 4 battens Gaastra wave/slalom sail of 1992, with 1 external camber! I have the same sail in 4.4 size – a gift from the retired quiver of my pal Loukis.Gaastra 1992 external camber - copyright D.SavidisGaastra 4 batten-external camber sail

Unfortunately, not all nice boards en-up in a good way. Here are some, decorating the Golden beach in Paros

copyright D.Savidis

copyright D.Savidis

copyright D.Savidis

copyright D.Savidis

Some uses of the old boards may appear more imaginative, but only defective boards should be doomed not to sail again.

Here is an F2 wave board, standing-by as a life-guard board at a station in Skopelos island.life guard Skopelos-F2 board wave 254

And here are the showers of  Moraitis Sports Center in Schinias, close to Athens

copyright D.Savidis

copyright D.Savidis

Leaving Paros, I loaded on more board. I acquired from John Xefteris a retired OES-Australia custom wave weapon of Evi Tsape, the most accomplished Greek lady windsurfer in the PWA .

copyright D.Savidis

copyright D.Savidis

OES - EviTsape (GR-2) special - bottom

I’m sure some of you feel jealous. but it now proudly completes my windsurfing stand.DS windsurfing boards August 2014

 To be continued

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I regularly check the classified used boards for sale, and in June I spotted an F2 Ride 274 (mod.2000). It was located less than a 10 minute ride from my place, the seller was a guy I meet often down the beach of Shinias, the board in good condition supplied with both the original swept back 30 Concrete Wave fin, plus a more powerful upright 36 Ciessevi fin, so I handed over 200 euros and took it home. Such board sell for 150 euros, but mine had also the original foot straps OK, plus a historic Drops board bag, which although hardly presentable, it would serve to safely transport the recently renovated F2 Thommen Slalom Small down to Paros.

I know I don’t really need that board, but it will be a favorite among my windsurfing progressing friends and you should know by now, I have a soft spot for F2 boards of the Thommen era.F2 Ride 274 mod. 2000F2 Rde 274 finsF2 Ride Range 2000

In the meantime, I sold the T1 FreeX 130 bamboo Thommen board to a nice heavy guy who usually sails in Golden beach-Paros, so now I’m left with 2 boards of this line, the RS 59 and the eXperience 165, that I have already reviewed in the past.T1 mk4 RS 59-FreeX 130-eXperience 165sale photo of T1 FreeX 130


This year we arrived in New Golden Beach a little earlier, with good wind to sail all 4 boards I brought along, 2 F2 classics – the Wave 254 & the Thommen Slalom Small and 2 modern, the Exocet Cross IV 84 pro & the RRD Firemove 100.

The big news this year, is that in addition to the long established Paros Surf Club Station (Taboo/Gaastra) that belongs to Philoxenia hotel, and run by Kostas,Paros Surf Club @ N.G Paros Surf Club manager - Kostas 2010 - RRDa new sports center affiliated to Aqua  Marina resort has opened: The  Goya Center Paros, run by the renowned windsurfing athlete & experienced trainer John Xefteris.Goya windsurfing center ParosGoya windsurfing center Paros - stationJohn Xefteris @ Goya Center ParosEfinha StreetDancer

The good news, is that now we have more friends running their businesses in N.G. beach, greater choice of equipment offered & more rescue boats.

The not so good news, is that the space is limited, parking is less easy, more people are both on the beach & sailing…

This July, there were fewer windy days, while there were some days of S & SW wind, rather unusual for this time of the year. Still, the windy days of meltemi wind, created a great terrain.

NGB Paros July 2014 - big wavesVergos wave riding NGBDuring my stay, I spotted 2 broken Taboo fins and I wonder if there was a production butch of inferior construction…broken Taboo finbroken Taboo fin -2

Talking about questionable material quality, I have to protest for the Dakine gloves I bought in Paros. These gloves started coming apart just the 4th day of use!Dakine glove 2014 RDakine glove 2014 L

It is a pity, because the 2011 Dakine gloves I had were very good – unfortunately I lost them. The Gull gloves I had last year, were also up to the job – again I managed to lose them…

Dakine sailing gloves 2011 – GOOD

Dakine sailing gloves 2011 - GOOD

Now I just received a pair of MacWet gloves which look promising. I will report in due time.MacWet watersports glovesThere were no friends photographers around this year, so it was thanks to Arnaud Dechamps, who in between shooting  the equipment on test for Planchemag, took 2 photos of me on the Exocet, where you can see the incomparable clarity of the water we are blessed to sail on!

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 To be continued

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