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The market was blooming. The number of windsurfing makes available increased rapidly and so did the corresponding importers. My favorite importer was John Cambas (Archipelagos) starting with SORDELLI boards and then adding TORNADO, DART & COBRA.

So Sordelli became my second board, while my brother bought an other one and got involved more deeply to the sport, renewing constantly his equipment and starting to participate to regattas. At that time most boards were around 3.90m in length with a volume more than 200 liters and a shape  of small sailing boats. They were huge & heavy, 2-3 times the weight of a modern board. There were no foot straps and staying on board was not always easy. Finetuning  demanded the construction of  a small-usually wooden (Hawaian) daggerboard and a storm sail for above force 6 conditions.

The storm sail shown below that has NO battens at all, was custom made by Tassos Boudouris (the Olympic games sailing medallist) and the spot is Schinias, with South wind. Photos are taken by my friend Armando Moustakis.

Surf+Ski magazine

In 1981 Andonis Liberis started his bimonthly first magazine, offering to the Greek public an absolute publication on the gliding sports, with illustrations equal to the best international magazines, and the majority of the photos shot by himself . Going through the pages of S+S you can actually review the history of the sport and although it is a pity S+S is no longer published,  it is understandable; unbelievably long-soaked hours, for a Greek niche readers group, totally suicidal parameters for a publisher.Surf+Ski magazine 5.83 F.cover

The surfer on the cover wearing the sexy tanga is Philippos Adamidis, a dear friend still going like hell, holding the Greek national speed record!

Below, Philip again featuring in the centerfold of S+S  No 2/1986

I added  to the gallery a nice picture of that era, Liberis in his 2CV rushing to the beach to get material for the next S+S issue.


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