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If you have followed the Paros 2016 windsurfing report, you may recall first, that my small Exocet Cross broke down and second, that I acquired a similar volume crossover – wave/slalom Mistral Flow 85 (early 2000’s model) in average condition, but complete with it’s 2 original fins.

Having sailed the Flow in high wind conditions, I noticed it suited me well, but due to the relative excessive length combined with a pronounced nose scoop, it was difficult to control as the wind was pushing up the nose of the board early, especially when reaching the lip of a wave.

I decided  to experiment. I thought it would be a good idea to have an inexpensive back-up high wind board left in Paros, and as the Flow had already undergone a nose repair, I felt free to go for a more radical nose job, that would give the board the lacking characteristics. I did my measurements, and concluded that I could get rid of anything up to 18cm, retaining the needed scoop to deal with the wavy conditions.

Once more I commissioned Kostas @ Boards&Wheels, who suggested for aesthetic reasons to subtract 14.5cm that would allow him to smoothly blend the shorter rounded nose to the lines of the board – you see, I didn’t want a squarish nose.

For the weathered footstraps, I went for the all black/blue logo Neil Pryde, easily adjustable type, which will also absorb less water than the original.

Mistral Flow 85 nose projectcustomised Mistral Flow 85 - 243.5 x 55 cm

The resulting looks,  I think justifies my idea and now the customized Flow 84.5 liters, 243.5 x 55 cm, leans on it’s rack waiting to be tested in Paros this coming summer.


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